Sailor Moon Coming to YouTube in Anticipation of the Upcoming Sailor Moon Eternal Film

Sailor Moon

Just the other day I reported on how Khara uploaded the first 3 Rebuild of Evangelion movies to YouTube and now another iconic anime series is making the leap to the platform. In anticipation of September’s release of Sailor Moon Eternal Part One, Toei is making the first 3 series of the legendary magical girl anime available on the official Sailor Moon YouTube page.

Starting this Friday 10 episodes of the show will be uploaded to the channel weekly through July. The uploaded episodes will cover everything through the end of Sailor Moon S, totaling 127 episodes of the show. This makes sense as the Sailor Moon Eternal Movie is an adaptation of the Dream Moon Arc of the manga, which was loosely covered in season 4 of the original anime, Sailor Moon SuperS.

In the current binge-watch landscape when it comes to streaming video, it’s actually rather nice to see them uploading the series in this way, There’s a lot to take in during these first 3 seasons, and spacing it out not only gives a longer spread of content to watch but also spaces things out so you can digest everything a bit easier. It’s a perfect way to take in the series for newcomers and should be a very comfortable pace for longtime fans to re-watch everything.

The first 10 episodes will appear on the official Sailor Moon YouTube channel starting this Friday

Naoko Takeuchi/PNP, Toei Animation
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