Sailor Scouts Return in Newly-Announced ‘Sailor Moon Eternal’ Films

Sailor Moon Eternal Brings The Scouts To Theaters Twice!

It’s been an exciting weekend for Sailor Moon all around the world. Lots of exciting information has come out of the ‘Usagi Special Birthday Party 2019’ event in Japan, including the unveiling of a very dope new Sailor Moon line from Uniqlo. The most exciting news to come out of the event though would have to be the announcement of the new two-part film, Sailor Moon Eternal. The movie’s being made by the Season 3 staff of Sailor Moon Crystal which featured the return of the original anime character designer Kazuko Tadano. The original manga creator Naoko Takeuchi will be overseeing the production of the new project which is set to release some time next year.

Sailor Moon Eternal is set to cover the Dead Moon arc of the original manga. It was previously covered in Sailor Moon Super S, which was the fourth of the five original series. These films were first soft-announced at the 2017 Usagi Birthday event as part of Sailor Moon Crystal, but we guess they decided to make some changes along the way. All the Japanese cast members are set to return and, while there’s no word of an overseas release since they were just unveiled, we’d be surprised if they didn’t make their way over the ocean sooner rather than later.

Sailor Moon Eternal Poster

The last few years have seen Sailor Moon come back to life. In 2014 the remake series Sailor Moon Crystal debuted, although it was met with some criticism due to its weird release schedule, odd character designs, and some lackluster animation. When it came time to do a third season of Sailor Moon Crystal, the original character designer was brought back in making it look a whole lot better. In addition, the west finally saw a rerelease of Sailor Moon on Blu Ray courtesy of Viz Media. Now, you can not only watch Sailor Moon but probably buy Sailor Moon shirts and merch at any Hot Topic or even a Target.

Sailor Moon Eternal is set to hit theaters in Japan during 2020.

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