Spend Xmas With Sailor Moon and The Scouts with ‘Merry Christmas’

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Like it always ends up doing, Christmas has crept up on us rather quickly. In this particularly uneasy year, we’ve been doubling down on our personal Holiday traditions because, honestly, we could all use that extra bit of joy. Santa himself better make sure he visits every house. On our end, we’ve been looking back at some favorites and oddities like the surprisingly sweet Love Hina Christmas Special and the weirdly provocative Pokemon Christmas Bash. Actually, we’re just bragging at this point, but we even got to see the Akihabara Gundam Cafe decked out in some hilarious Gundam Wing themed Christmas imagery. However, all good things must come to an end, and soon Christmas will be here and gone. If you want one last burst of holiday cheer before ringing in 2021, why not track down the Sailor Moon Christmas album Merry Christmas.

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Cuter than your average reindeer. Think we can get this on vinyl?

Unlike the Pokemon Christmas Bash, which we had to cover for the culture, Sailor Moon’s Merry Christmas is a purely Japanese production. Released during the Sailor Stars era of the magical girl empire, this album mixes up pure 90s Mahou Shoujo zenith with the holiday spirit, making a doubly uplifting listen. It features the entire voice cast of the ‘Inner Senshi’, the main girls so to speak, as the idol group Peach Hips, the name of the same five seiyuu when performing together. Whether you’ve yet to give up the Bishoujo Senshi lifestyle or you just want some holiday dressed J-Pop, you won’t be disappointed.

Mostly, the Merry Christmas collection sees voice actresses like Sailor Moon’s Kotono Mitsuishi, Jupiter’s Emi Shinohara, and Mars’ Michie Tomizawa trading off renditions on the classics. You’ve got Sailor Mars playfully crooning out Last Christmas and Mercury offloading some cheer with a Japanese take on Jingle Bells‘. Perhaps though, the star of this sailor show is the opening track by in franchise idol group Peach Hips simply titled Sailormoon Christmas’. You could pretty much imagine this surfy cut on any late 80s idol album. Of course, a TV show tie-in album made to sell units for one six-week period in 1996 won’t reinvent the wheel, but we’re sure it’ll bubble up some much-needed warmth this winter.

Merry Christmas wasn’t even the only Sailor Moon Christmas album, but you’ll have to come back next year if you want to find out more about Sailor Moon Super S Christmas For You. Instead, we want to leave you with one little present for your imagination before riding away our Sailor Moon branded sleigh: Should we be getting more corny anime Christmas music? Much of tie-in anime music, like character songs and image albums, once treasured items by hoarding collectors, can only be found within the realm of idol shows these days. Shouldn’t Eren Jaeger get a break from titan hunting to do some sleigh riding once in a while? What if the Chainsaw Man anime was promoted with some absurdist hellraising Chainsaw Man Christmas album? These types of things aren’t necessary, but we all love an extra bit of fun at the end of the year.

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