UNIQLO Shares Magical New Sailor Moon UT Collection

Sailor Moon x UT Brings The Magical Girl To Uniqlo

In a move that seems so obvious yet is so exciting to actually see happen, Sailor Moon is coming to UNIQLO. Yet another in a long list of collaborations with the UNIQLO’s UT line, Sailor Moon x UT will bring at least 8 different t-shirts to stores in 26 countries. In Japan, they’ll retail for 1,500 yen and we’d assume you’ll see similar pricing, around 15 USD, in other places.

This announcement comes in a long line of Sailor Moon developments that came from the ‘Usagi Special Birthday Party 2019’ event this past weekend, which most notably includes a new two-part film called Sailor Moon Eternal. You can see the full line up of shirts here, but below are some of our favorites.

Sailor Moon Moon Healing Escalation Shirt

For starters, the entire line is using series creator Naoko Takeuchi’s manga art. Some feature illustrations and some feature entire panels and pages. There’s already a glut of Sailor Moon clothing that uses the character art from the original anime series, and don’t get us wrong those anime designs are the most iconic, but Takeuchi’s style makes the Sailor Moon x UT line more unique. When we exist in the timeline where the Sailor Moon renaissance is in complete bloom and you can buy shirts from places like Hot Topic, Urban Outfitters, and even Target, you have to do something different.

Sailor Moon Manga Shirt

In addition to using Naoko Takeuchi’s art, the UT line employs a wide variety of designs. There’s a mixture of Japanese and English text, giant illustrations as well as more subtle designs, and even a few pocket tees. This line features some of the freshest apparel we’ve seen in a while for the franchise, and furthermore, it’ll be some of the most affordable. Knowing out the gate this collection’s going to be available in stores around the world lets us sleep easier at night knowing we can all get our hands on these.

Sailor Moon Pocket Tee

The Sailor Moon x UT collection will be available in UNIQLO worldwide around the end of August.

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