Bandai Fashion to Release Wonderful Sailor Moon Yukata Collection In Time For Summer

Bandai Fashion to Release Sailor Moon Yukata Collection

Bandai Fashion has announced that they have collaborated with seasoned kimono industry professionals Marubeni to create a line of Sailor Moon-themed kimono and accessories as a part of the Sailor Moon 25th Anniversary Project. The yukata will be available in five varying designs, with adorable chibi figures of Chibiusa and Usagi herself to match. The available styles include Crystal Star Compact Pattern Pink, Crystal Star Compact Pattern Blue, Crystal Tokyo Pattern, Talisman Pattern Navy, Talisman Pattern Mint.

In addition to all this, Bandai Fashion and Marubeni have also teamed up to create shiny, colorful hairpins and earrings to match each equally attention-grabbing yukata pattern. Each yukata were designed with elegance in mind, and the patterns look as if they came straight from the stars. Despite the yukata’s design being based on a magical girl anime, the designs maintain a certain air of traditionality and sophistication.

While the yukata are comparable to works of art, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a traditional rendition of a Sailor Moon style. Just last year, Marubeni created a line of yukata with matching folding fans, each representing one of the Sailor Scouts. While the entire line of pastel sun and star themed yukata are on the top of my want list, these pieces fetch quite a high price. The new line of yukata will run you a whopping 41,040 yen ($370 USD) for one. The earrings and hairpins are more of a manageable price however, going for 5,400 yen and 3,456 yen respectively.

Pre-orders for the yukata are currently open on Bandai Fashion’s website until March 17, with orders set to ship out sometime in May. With spring right around the corner and summer to follow, you can be the most fashionable person at some of Tokyo’s popular annual matsuri celebrations.

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