You Can Now Order an Entire Pitcher of Strong Zero at Saizeriya

Here in Japan, people work really hard during the week. For some people, the ultimate solution to this comes in a can of Strong Zero and a night-long wander around the streets of Shibuya until the early hours of the morning. For others, its a cheap-yet-refreshing sit down at a family restaurant like Saizeriya; capped off, of course, with a bottle of their disgustingly-wonderful 1.5 liters “Magnum Wine”, available in both Vino Rosso or Vino Blanco flavorings for only 1,000 yen. Sometimes that’s just not hard enough, however. That’s why, for god knows what reason, select Saizeriya has begun serving up entire pitchers of Strong Zero to their innocent customers.

Japanese social media has been abuzz with hype surrounding the roughly 1.5 liter pitcher of carbonated blackout fuel. The pitcher costs about 1,800 yen and looks like it could serve about 6 people. At Saizeriya, standard size cans of Strong Zero go for an inflated price of 379 yen, a bit more than the ~130 yen you’d pay at the nearest convenience store. However, paying a little bit of a premium feels like nothing when it comes to being able to see an entire tub of Strong Zero sitting threateningly yet proudly on your table.

Saizeriya is a popular family restaurant chain in Japan that serves extremely low price, Italian-inspired dishes. It’s the unassuming safe haven for all types of people, especially for groups of late-night party folks who just want to buy a comically large bottle of wine and take it out into the streets with them. It almost feels like a fever dream come true now that you’re able to order a huge pitcher of Strong Zero from your table in the middle of a restaurant that doesn’t represent a bar at all, but I’ll take it as their invitation to come party. Although, it doesn’t seem like you’d be able to take the pitcher out of the restaurant like you can the Magnum wine. Guess we’ll have to finish it all before we can leave!

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