Sakura Miko and Original Creator Respond to Fallout From Doujinshi Controversy

Sakura Miko responds to doujinshi controversy

Hololive virtual YouTuber Sakura Miko has published a further statement on her and Houshou Marine’s unsolicited use of a BL doujinshi during a livestream, addressing the controversy and calling for calm. Original creator ‘n’ also came forward with a statement of their own, therefore hopefully laying the whole issue to bed.

In our last piece on this topic, we outlined the specifics of the situation and how exactly it happened, but failed to address the huge amount of debate that was occurring on Twitter and other social networks at the same time. The terms ‘Hololive,’ ‘doujinshi,’ and ‘Vの炎上 (Virtual controversy)’ were trending for many hours on Monday, catapulted to the top due to the sheer amount of discussion. In particular, the question was whether the doujinshi creator’s complaints were warranted.

On 31 March, Sakura Miko published a statement further to her apology on the doujinshi controversy that Houshou Marine has since corroborated. In it, she explained that she had ‘refrained from mentioning the creator’ in order to minimize the effect on them, but that the situation has since developed into one involving ‘insults and attacks on the creator that [I] did not wish for.’ Stemming from this, she says very clearly to fans that they should not attack them.

Indeed, there was quite a lot of hate directed towards n once their identity became public, and they have since deleted many of their tweets and seemingly abandoned their account. In their own statement on the matter, they said that they have ‘already received apologies from both creators’ and that they are in direct contact with Sakura Miko to resolve the doujinshi controversy. They also mention the fact that they have approved Miko’s idea of re-uploading the video, albeit with the part about their doujinshi removed. Once again, they express regret that this situation has developed into one involving attacks on both parties.

With this, it seems as if the controversy surrounding Sakura Miko, Houshou Marine, and a Mobile Suit Gundam BL doujinshi has been resolved, but there are still people replying to the author with insults and baseless slander.

Let us make it clear: if the parties involved have accepted responsibility, then it is your responsibility to respect that decision! Plus, any fan who reads these statements and decides to go against them isn’t a true fan.

Update (5/4/21): Sakura Miko and Houshou Marine both conducted special livestreams addressing the situation. They mostly cover the same points as outlined above, but have English subtitles attached to them. Links: Marine, Miko.

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