Sasaki Ayaka of Momoiro Clover Z Releases Rebellious Solo Single, “Bunny Gone Bad”

Sasaki Ayaka (Momoiro Clover Z) Releases Rebellious Solo Single, Bunny Gone Bad

The phenomenal success of Momoiro Clover Z has allowed its members to diversify their output and try new things. For example, the group produces a monthly TV show with Sakazaki Kounosuke called Momoiro Folk Mura, where the group performs acoustic versions of their own music as well as covers of popular tunes. Before her graduation and subsequent solo career, Ariyasu Momoka wrote and released some of her own songs, while Takagi Reni has done some comedy events. Sasaki Ayaka, also known as A-rin by fans, has branched into fashion with the creation of her ‘Chubby Bunny’ lingerie collection, has also chosen to branch into solo music content, with a brand new solo single recently being released on her birthday on Spotify and Apple Music, “Bunny Gone Bad”.

“Bunny Gone Bad” may not be Sasaki Ayaka’s first solo single, but it would definitely have to rank as one of her strongest. Momoiro Clover Z has experimented with solo content for quite a few years now. Their very first album, Battle and Romance, included a bonus CD of solo songs, while 2016 saw each member before solo concerts with the exception of Tamai Shiori and Momoka Kanako, who did a duet concert in the form of a wedding. Sasaki has constructed an image for herself as the member who most traditionally embraces the idea of an idol, with her solo songs ever since Battle and Romance, her various solo concerts since 2016 and her other solo singles, included “My Cherry Pie”, playing into idol trappings that the group as a whole generally don’t embrace as much as you would necessarily expect.

“Bunny Gone Bad” is a song that really leans into this idea, as despite the heavier rock sound of the song in comparison to her other singles, plays more like a rebellious phase than necessarily a departure from this. The rock sound is a bit of a contrast to the high-pitched vocal sound of A-rin yet manages to blend well. The B-side of the single, titled “Memories, Stories”, still relies on a heavier guitar but is much more a slow-paced ballad comparatively. If I had to be honest, I prefer this song more out of the two, as I feel more energetic pop songs and ballads suit her vocals more than the rock sound of the title track, but that’s not to suggest that first song is bad, by any means.

“Bunny Gone Bad” dropped on Sasaki Ayaka’s birthday and is being released in anticipation of her solo concert being held in Yokohama Arena on June 23rd, called AYAKA NATION. This is alongside the recent news that she’ll once again be returning to perform at Tokyo Idol Festival this year, the day before Momoiro Clover Z’s MomoClo Mania summer concert at the Seibu Dome. Sasaki Ayaka, alongside her work within Momoiro Clover Z, has branched out into multiple different fields in recent years and her solo music career has shown potential with singles such as this being released in that time. You can check the single out for yourself over on Spotify or Apple Music.

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