Japanese Fashion Brand SAMANTHAVEGA Announces New Pokémon Collaboration Line

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SAMANTHAVEGA is a name that is synonymous with women’s fashion throughout Asia, especially in Japan. They have an eclectic line of clothing and accessories which are unique to the brand and define who they are. They have done a few collaborations in the past, most notably their Sailor Moon x SAMANTHAVEGA product line. Earlier today, they announced the next chapter in their collaboration line, Pokémon x SAMANTHAVEGA.

The announcement comes somewhat as a surprise as the brand tends to be a little more mature and doesn’t tend to play towards the cuteness of clothing or accessories. The SAMANTHAVEGA (Samantha Thavasa) company has announced that they will be not only doing Pokémon handbags, but keychains, shirts, wallets, and iPhone cases as well. There really is quite the offering available, and likely something for everyone here.

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Starting with the shirts, they are Team Rocket and Pikachu shirts being made available with a total of 4 different designs. The shirts will run ¥6,800. Next on the list, we have their iPhone case offerings which are for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro and will cost ¥7,800. The designs which will be available are a black Pokéball design, a Pikachu design, and a Gengar design. On the handbag front, they’re offering a number of different designs which range from ¥7,800 to ¥15,800.

On top of all of this, the products will be available at their pop-up shop which will be starting in July at the Samantha Thavasa Omotesando GATES pop-up digital store. If you like the designs and something catches your fancy, you can order the products from the Samatha Thavasa online shop. You might however need to have a proxy be able to get the product for you.

As with all Pokémon collaborations, they’re likely to sell out fast, so if you’re looking to get on this train, I would recommend doing so sooner rather than later.

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