SAN-EI Announces Three Animal Crossing Cushions

Animal Crossing Cushions TOP

Animal Crossing is one of those titles that you can never get enough of, both the game and the real-world products that regularly come out. Today, Japanese company SAN-EI announced that they will bring three Animal Crossing cushions! The cushions are not only super comfy looking, but they look really well made, with vibrant prints of the characters on them.

Animal Crossing Cushions 2

The first cushion they announced is of Isabelle, who looks just as adorable as ever. The plush has Isabelle hiding behind a cherry and poking her head out from the left side. The next cushion has everyone’s favorite Tom Nook sticking his little raccoon’s head out from the back of a Bell Bag. Last but not least we have Timmy and Tommy just chilling behind a leaf. If you’re a fan of the Animal Crossing series, you really need to have all three cushions in your life. They’re just too adorable not to have.

Animal Crossing Cushions

The cushions are currently available to purchase through Amazon Japan for the reasonable price of ¥2,500 each. I’m not too sure if the cushions will fall into Amazon’s worldwide shipping service, but if they don’t, you can always reach out to a friend or even find a proxy that can order them for you and ship them to you.

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