Sandaime J Soul Brothers Announce 7th Studio Album ‘FUTURE’

Undeniably one of the biggest groups in Japan right now, Sandaime J Soul Brothers are back with their 7th studio album “FUTURE” which is set to release later this year on June 6, 2018. Over two years since their last studio album “THE JSB LEGACY” which went triple-platinum here in Japan, “FUTURE” will be releasing with no less than 5 different versions ranging from 3CD + 4 Blu-ray deluxe edition to a more traditional 3CD standard edition.


With a track record for completely dominating the charts here in Japan, it’d be an understatement to say that this album is going to be a pretty big deal. The album has already been confirmed to contain a number of best-performing tracks from the group, including “Welcome to TOKYO,” “HAPPY,” and the above embedded “J.S.B. HAPPINESS.” Additionally, those who order the deluxe versions of the album will get their hands on an exclusive documentary titled “SEVEN/7.” 

CD 1 Sandaime J Soul Brothers

  2. HAPPY
  4. J.S.B. LOVE
  5. J.S.B. DREAM
  7. Hotaru
  8. Koi to Ai
  9. Welcome to TOKYO
  10. FUTURE

CD 2 Ryuji Imaichi

  1. ONE DAY
  2. Angel
  3. Thank you
  4. Alter Ego
  5. SHINING – Imaichi Ryuji feat. Ne-Yo
  6. LOVE HURTS – Imaichi Ryuji feat. Brian McKnight

CD 3: Hiroomi Tosaka

  4. LUXE  feat. CRAZYBOY
  5. Smile Moon Night
  6. END of LINE
  7. HEY feat. Afrojack

DVD/Blu-ray 1: Sandaime J Soul Brothers

  1. Welcome to TOKYO (Music Video)
  2. HAPPY (Music Video)
  3. J.S.B. LOVE (Music Video)
  4. J.S.B. DREAM (Music Video)
  5. J.S.B. HAPPINESS (Music Video)
  6. Koi to Ai (Music Video)
  7. RAINBOW (Music Video)

DVD/Blu-ray 2: Ryuji Imaichi

  1. ONE DAY (Music Video)
  2. Angel (Music Video)
  3. Thank you (Music Video)

DVD/Blu-ray 3: Hiroomi Tosaka

  1. WASTED LOVE (Music Video)
  2. DIAMOND SUNSET (Music Video)
  3. LUXE (Music Video)

DVD/blu-ray 4 (deluxe editions only)

  1. SEVEN/7 (Documentary Film)


With just one month between total Sandaime J Soul Brothers album chart domination and the release of this album, we can’t wait to see what comes of it. Interested in checking out further information? You can find the full details via J Soul Brothers official website.

Source: Arama Japan

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