Sato Moka Links With Hyper-Playful Producer Tomggg on Latest “Loop”

Sato Moka links with playful producer Tomggg on

One of J-pop’s current obsessions is the search for artists capturing the voice of a “new generation.” It’s a natural course — younger folks don’t want to be represented by somebody twice their age! — and has resulted in varying levels of buzz around performers such as Aimyon and iri, among others.

Singer/songwriter Sato Moka exists on the edge of this conversation, having already received a decent amount of critical love in Japan for her music. She hops between acoustic pop that breezes along, as well as more eclectic electronic-glazed cuts; plus that one detour into Vocaloid. Her latest release, “Loop”, finds Moka teaming up with Tomggg, a long-running creator putting a playroom spin on contemporary sounds. Listen below:

“Loop” finds just the right balance between both artist’s style, allowing room for Tomggg to drop in bell chimes and horn blurts over a skippy beat while also giving space for Moka to flex her vocals. Just wait until that hook, where both sides converge just right to create a twinkling earworm. And better still, it’s a combination that really strengthens Moka’s a-voice-of-this-generation credentials. What’s more 21st century than an artist grounded in acoustic strumming embracing shiny pop and SoundCloud-born dance elements? Genre borders are more porous than ever, and “Loop” serves as a nice reminder of that.

Fresh off of Moka’s upcoming album Merry go round”, scheduled to release next week, you can check out the full tracklist below:


  1. Insomnia flower
  2. 雨の日のストール
  3. ばかみたい feat.入江陽
  4. チケット
  5. Loop with Tomggg
  6. スキップ (Album ver.)
  7. 友達
  8. coffee cup waltz
  9. 歌う女
  10. Merry go round
  11. こわくない
  12. ケイトウ
  13. melt summer

Those interested in checking out even more from Sato Moka, be sure to visit the vocalist’s official website.

Sato Moka
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