Scandal Release Colorful New Music Video for Saishuheiki, Kimi’ Digital Single

Scandal Release Colorful New Music Video for Saishuheiki, Kimi’ Digital Single

After over a decade in the business and an ever-growing fan base both at home and abroad, the music of Scandal rings just as strong with fans today as it did a decade ago. A massive 2018 for the group has been followed by an equally important 2019, with multiple singles being released under a newly-established private music label for the group known as her. Yesterday, Scandal digitally released the latest of these singles, Saishuheiki Kimi, on streaming services around the world, with a music video accompanying it that exudes a positive message within the song itself while allowing the group to continue to experiment with their style even 13 years after their initial debut.

Saishuheiki Kimi is the third release the group has made under her, following the release of their Masterpiece and Mabataki physical single and Another digital single known as Fuzzy, mixing the group’s signature pop-rock sound with a heavily distorted vocal track from the group’s vocalist, Haruna, this contrast between authentic electric guitars and drums and auto-tuned vocals giving it a unique and compelling sound that leaves you returning for repeat listens. Punctuating the video for the song are flashes of bright, distinct colors, either through the yellow hair of Mami or through multicolored smoke to further increase the energy the song already provides. There’s an air of confidence to the song, an assurance in their current position and the quality of the music they’re creating, that help to further elevate the video and song above their previous 2019 releases and overall result in making this single one of my personal favorites released by the group in recent years, one which will remain in my music rotation for weeks to come.

The single will likely be the final major release from the group this year, as the group head back on the road for multiple concerts to close out the year, including the end of SCANDAL TOUR 2019, a concert abroad in Singapore, a Christmas concert as well as a New Year’s Countdown event. While you can expect to hear Scandal perform Saishuheiki, Kimi at these events, those who can’t wait or can’t attend can view the music video linked above to hear the full song, as well as stream the song on Apple Music and Spotify. In case you haven’t heard of Scandal before or simply want to know more about the popular rock group, you can find out more about them over on their official website.

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