Brand New Detective Pikachu Trailer Ramps Up the Stakes

Brand New Detective Pikachu Trailer Ramps Up the Stakes

Detective Pikachu is right around the corner and excitement for the movie is building. It really does feel that Legendary Pictures have succeeded at traversing the very thin tightrope between putting their own spin on the iconic Pokémon featured within it and creating something that becomes ridiculed and rejected by the public as soon as they see it (poor Sonic the Hedgehog). As the film edges closer to its May 10th release date, a brand new trailer with a little bit more detail about Detective Pikachu’s backstory and the stakes of the film being revealed along with it.

The trailer begins with Detective Pikachu walking alone along an abandoned road as he explains the reason he was in Tim’s apartment in the film’s first trailer. As it turns out, this Pikachu had woken up with a case of amnesia, and the only clue to his past was a hat with the name and address for this kid’s missing father. The trailer also seems to hint at a lot more action than you would perhaps expect to find in a Pokémon game or even a typical Pokémon animated film, with cars being flipped, explosions and speedy chases. Pikachu, meanwhile continues to be a cute-caffeine-addicted detective, with Ryan Reynolds proving to be a rather funny caricature for the Pokémon, while a female trainer is also teased in the middle of this new trailer. Mewtwo even appears at the very end, suggesting a large-scale conclusion to the film’s story.

It’s quite clear that they’re pulling out all the stops to ensure this film is a success, both in terms of budget and in terms of the number of recognisable Pokémon which are being featured. Honestly, although I was interested in the film in any case, this new trailer makes me even more intrigued to see how this all works out in the end. It looks like a lot of heart went in to this production and I can only hope that the result is as strong a product as this new trailer suggests it could be.

Detective Pikachu is set for release on May 10th.

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