SEGA announces SEGA 60th Anniversary Official Bootleg DJ Mix Album

SEGA 60th Anniversary visual

SEGA has been on a roll with their 60th Anniversary celebrations with many special releases hitting the internet in celebration of the momentous event. They have been releasing special Sonic the Hedgehog albums on Spotify and Apple Music and special hardware releases such as their Astro City Mini arcade cabinets that just dropped last December. Today, they announced the newest release as part of their 60th Anniversary line-up: the 60th Anniversary Official Bootleg DJ Mix album.

60th anniversary bootleg album cover

There hasn’t been much announced about the 60th Anniversary Official Bootleg DJ Mix album seeing as it doesn’t release until 24 March 2021, but SEGA had the following to say about the album:

Tomoya Otani, the sound director of the ‘Sonic’ series, is in charge of all the music selections and has boldly interpreted the selections with ‘Sega’ as the keyword. The album contains a wide range of music, from famous game music that has been featured in various older and newer SEGA titles, including arcade, consumer, and smartphone applications, to theme songs for anime versions, tie-up music, arranged/remixed versions, and even music from Atlus titles.

A free selection of songs that transcends all barriers such as platforms, manufacturers, ages, genres, and creators, will enliven the last part of the 60th anniversary year. We hope you will enjoy the 60 songs that have been reconstructed as a speedy and danceable non-stop DJ mix in the style of Sega.

Based on how they described the album, it looks like we’re going to be getting something that will fall in line with the style of popular mix CDs we’ve come to know and love. I am quite excited about this release and look forward to seeing how it performs once it releases.

Seeing that this is being promoted as a physical CD release, it will be interesting to see if they put the SEGA 60th Anniversary Official Bootleg DJ Mix available on digital streaming platforms like they have been doing recently with their Persona albums.

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