SEGA Announces Hard-Hitting DLC for Virtua Fighter esports

Virtua Fighter esports

Hot on the tails of the announcement of Virtua Fighter esportsSEGA has announced a DLC pack for the title which contains a multitude of goodies.

SEGA announced last week that it would be bringing Virtua Fighter esports to the PlayStation 4, and then shocked the world again when they said it was going to be free. Virtua Fighter esports is a full remake of the previous title, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown, the latest in the Virtua Fighter series, with the latest graphics and a full range of new features.

In addition to the existing modes, the title features a variety of new online matchmaking features, such as tournament and league matches, to meet the needs of the esports scene. In addition, the ‘Spectator’ function allows users to watch the game in real-time, and enjoy live communication using stamps.

VF Skin

The DLC pack will contain the following contents:

  • Character customization items (approx. 2,000 types)
  • Character Costume Types (19 types)
  • Character models from the original Virtua Fighter (38 types)
  • Stages from the original Virtua Fighter
  • Battle UI from the original Virtua Fighter
  • BGM for the original Virtua Fighter series (180 tracks)
  • Spectator stamps (36 types)

Virtua Fighter esports Stamp

The DLC pack will be for sale at ¥1,100 which is an absolute steal if you ask me. Virtua Fighter esports will be available tomorrow as a free download for PlayStation Plus users.

SEGA, Ryu ga Gotoku Studio
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