SEGA Announces Japanese Early Purchase Bonuses for Super Monkey Ball 1+2 Remake

Super Monkey Ball 1+2 Remake

Let’s be real here, E3 this year was pretty underwhelming, but that was to be expected. However, SEGA brought some fire with the announcement of Super Monkey Ball 1+2 Remake (or Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania if you live in North America). Today they outlined the Japanese early purchase goods for purchasing the game at a specific retailer. As if getting a new Super Monkey Ball was not enough.

Goods 1

Early means, usually, within the first week, and currently, there are four retailers on board: GEO, Rakuten Books, Amazon, and Joshin.

Ordering from GEO will get you a special DLC shirt and a dragon ball, Rakuten Books will get you a special shirt and a Heavy Bomb Ball, Amazon will get you a set of four wallpapers for your PC, and Joshin will get you a wallpaper for your smartphone.

Goods 2

Sure the items aren’t physical and can’t be used in your everyday life, but it’s cool none the less to get something just for purchasing the game.

Super Monkey Ball 1+2 Remake is slated to release on 7 October 2021 for PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Steam

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