Sega, Jujutsu Kaisen Will Hold Collaboration Cafes

Sega, Jujutsu Kaisen Collaboration Cafe Visual

The shonen anime series Jujutsu Kaisen will hold collaboration cafes with Sega Entertainment, starting in February. The cafes will celebrate the fast-growing franchise with meals inspired by the characters. They will also sell original items made exclusively for the cafes.

There will be two cafe locations: one in Tokyo’s Akihabara and the other in Osaka’s Namba District. Both will offer a Jujutsu Kaisen menu from 20 February through 4 April.

Sega, Jujutsu Kaisen Collaboration Cafes

The cafe menu will change a couple of times during the collaboration. The first menu will feature the Itadori Double-Impact Burger, and the Inumaki Onigiri Dashi Chazuke. For dessert, you can have Gojo’s unbalanced dorayaki plate, or the Itadori, Fushiguro, Kugisaki ichinensei parfait.

Starting on 6 March, the menu changes. Have Gojo’s Shori-Shi Kirenai (‘I can’t handle it’) Gu-Takusan (‘lots of stuff’) rice plate, or Nanami’s Critical-Hit Pizza. For dessert, there is the Mahito and Yoshino waffle sandwich; or the Zenin, Inumaki, Panda ninensei parfait.

Starting on 20 March, the third and final menu features Fushiguro’s Tama Inu bagel sandwich; and Kugisaki’s Tomonari Jambalaya. For dessert, have the Ryomensukuna Shotoku Ryoiki plate; or the Gojo and Nanami Combi parfait.

Pretty much every character in the series will have a drink order, although Nanami’s is just hot coffee with a thin cookie.

Jujutsu Kaisen Collaboration Cafe Items

Jujutsu Kaisen Collaboration Cafe items

Food, drinks, and desserts will come with a random character coaster.

Items for sale will include art panels, acrylic stands, can badges, keychains, and wooden straps (looks sort of like a luggage tag). Through 2 February or while supplies last, some of the stuff will be available for pre-order at the Sega Mall Online. You know it’s cafe-related because the characters are either preparing meals, serving food, waiting tables, or eating food.

Virus restrictions

Because of the coronavirus, reservations are required. The number of seats is limited and the use of mask is compulsory. People with high temperature or in poor physical condition won’t be allowed in.

The Akihabara cafe will be on the fifth floor of Sega Akihabara Building No. 4 in Tokyo. If you’re thinking that Sega closed in Akihabara last year, you’re not wrong. But that was Sega Building No. 2. Building No. 4 is a big red building directly across from the South Exit of Akihabara Station. The Osaka cafe will be on the fourth floor of YES Namba in Osaka’s Namba Sennichimae neighborhood. More information can be found here.

Gege Akutami / Shueisha / Jujutsu Kaisen Production Committee; Sega
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