SEGA Announces Puyo Day 2021 Livestream Event

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Not only is SEGA on their 60th anniversary festivity kick, but they are also getting ready to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their legendary puzzle game series, Puyo Puyo. The company announced previously that they would be holding an event dubbed Puyo Day 2021. Today they announced that they will be holding a special live stream event one day before the actual Puyo Day 2021 event. Puyo Day 2021 is on 4 February 2021, which means that the Puyo Day 2021 Livestream will happen on 3 February 2021.

They haven’t outlined exactly what they will be covering during the live stream, but they did give some hints as there will be a number of things happening. On the official Puyo Day 2021 website, they outlined that they will be having a Live Manzai Demo (Japanese stand up comedy), a Puyo Puyo Quest Live Support Conference which intends to outline updates and the future of Puyo Puyo Quest, a Puyo Puyo Champions corner that will be featuring professional Puyo Puyo players, Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 update news, premiere news for Puyo Puyo Quest, and quite possibly a whole truckload of more information. SEGA really pulls out all the stops when it comes to anniversaries of their cornerstone titles.

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The Puyo Day 2021 Livestream will be taking place on 3 February 2021, and international fans can tune in easily via YouTube. The festivities will be kicking off at 8 p.m. Japan Standard Time, so if you’re in a different time zone (which you most likely are), you’re gonna wanna make sure that you’re awake to watch the live stream because there is no guarantee of them archiving the live stream. I’m personally not a huge Puyo Puyo player, but I do really enjoy watching people play the game, so it will be really fun to watch some professional players go head to head with each other.

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