SEGA Releases ONGEKI R.E.D. PLUS to Japanese Arcades


It seems just like a couple of weeks ago that I was writing about the sudden release of ONGEKI R.E.D. hitting Japanese arcades. Today’s announcement came as a shock to me as I didn’t see anything mentioned about the newest update to the title ONGEKI R.E.D. PLUS being released to Japanese arcades, however that is exactly what happened today.


ONGEKI is a rhythm game developed and released by SEGA. The play interface is unique using a total of eight buttons: six on the panel and then one on each side of the cabinet, and a lever that moves left and right. The lever is used to navigate your characters away from attacks sent by the enemy you’re trying to defeat or to make sure that you’re in the right lane that you’re trying to hit the notes on. It really is a unique game and shares a large number of tracks with SEGA’s other rhythm games, Chunithm and maimai.

As with the release of ONGEKI R.E.D., I can’t seem to find anything new standing out for this version of the game. There will be the expected new songs, new characters, and new art, but aside from that, I can’t find anything that is super different from the standard game. I think I’ll have to go try the game out for myself to see if there are any changes.


If you happen to have access to an ONGEKI machine near you, they should be running the newest version, which includes the ONGEKI R.E.D. PLUS update.

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