SEGA’s ONGEKI R.E.D. Rhythm Game Hits Japanese Game Centers


In the last two years since its release, SEGA’s hybrid gacha rhythm game ONGEKI has been quite the hot topic amongst rhythm games. The play interface is unique using a total of eight buttons; six on the panel and then one on each side of the cabinet, and a lever which moves left and right. The lever is used to navigate your characters away from attacks sent by the enemy you’re trying to defeat or to make sure that you’re in the right lane that you’re trying to hit the notes on. It really is a unique game and shares a large number of tracks with SEGA’s other rhythm games, Chunithm, and maimai. Today, the newest iteration of ONGEKI, ONGEKI R.E.D. hit Japanese arcades.


As with every single rhythm game in the arcades, the new version of ONGEKI adds a number of new features and new songs. After doing a bit of research into ONGEKI R.E.D., I can’t seem to find anything that is super stand-out new for this version of the game. Sure there are a bunch of new songs and new character cards that you can get, but that really seems to be about it. Not to mention that the game kind of came out of nowhere. There was no location test for it and it just kinda was like “oh hey, surprise, here is a new version of ONGEKI.” Considering that they were advertising new content coming to ONGEKI Summer Plus up until yesterday in Japan, I find this really odd.

I will likely make my way to a game center at some time tomorrow or Friday to give ONGEKI R.E.D. a try and if I can find anything different that makes the game stand out amongst its previous iterations, I will update this article. But currently, at face value, it doesn’t look like much has changed. I’m sure though that as the game progresses through its lifespan, that will likely change quite a bit.


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