Seiho and 5lack Team Up on Playful New Single ‘Wareru’

Seiho and 5lack Team Up On The Playful 'Wareru'

I’d like to think many of you reading this are already familiar with Seiho by now, but since he hasn’t put out a full length in over three years, it’s possible some of you have yet to be exposed to one of Japan’s most talented musicians. A producer who’s got both the compositional chops to stand out and a masterful ear for sonic design, he’s artistically always been at the top of the game. Versatile too; whether he’s working on his City Pop inspired Sugar’s Campaign project or putting out solo material, he’s always up to something fresh and interesting. On his latest single ‘Wareru’, he’s come up with one of his cleanest cuts yet and brought rapper 5lack on for the ride.

Sometimes Seiho makes tracks that are bass-heavy, just waiting to be dropped in a DJ set. Other times his material is more ethereal and deserving a good headphone listen allowing you to take in all the little details. On ‘Wareru’, Seiho and 5lack have made something extremely clean and incredibly slick, but with all the atmospheric production mastery Seiho’s known for. Vibrant kicks, lots of playful keys and melodies circling around the track, and 5lack’s easy to take in flow; these elements all meld together to make something fresh.

I’ve seen Seiho do solo sets. I’ve seen Seiho perform with a group of live jazz musicians. I even had a ticket to see Seiho do a once in a lifetime set with J-Pop legend Akiko Yano but unfortunately had an emergency come up that day, although all my friends who went said it was killer. I can first hand confirm whether you’re listening to Seiho on record or going out to see him, it’s a guaranteed hell of a time. Instead of coming off as gimmicky, his stage theatrics only enhance the beauty in his sound.

Seiho and 5lack’s ‘Wareru’ is out now.

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