Don’t Sleep On Seiho’s Latest House-Tinged Single “I Feel Tired Everyday”

Don't Sleep On Seiho's Latest House-Tinged Single

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Seiho, but that doesn’t mean the Kyoto-born sound creator hasn’t been working hard refining their craft. Dropped over the weekend, Seiho’s latest “I Feel Tired Everyday” is a circa-2010 house-embedded release that screams Seiho through and through. It’s exactly the sort of sound I’d dream of hearing from them and is an incredible way to start of their year of releases.

In addition to the release of “I Feel Tired Everyday” on streaming services, we’re treated to an “Official Audio” video that perfectly exemplifies the mood of the song on loop. Released via Seiho’s own label, The Deep Land of Gray and Red, the single also sets an incredible precedent for what’s to come from there too powering through 2019.

While Seiho’s “I Feel Tired Everyday” might have you feeling exhausted right off the bat with its title, the song really couldn’t leave a different impression after listening. To me, “I Feel Tired Everyday” is more about powering through to workday than it is about simply embracing sleep. It’s a tried and true Seiho release from start to finish, and through various builds I find myself moving a whole lot more than I was originally when going into the song.

Available now via all major streaming services, you definitely don’t want to be sleeping on a release like “I Feel Tired Everyday”, regardless of the feeling the title leaves. Those interested in checking out more from Seiho, be sure to visit their official website.

The Deep Land of Gray and Red, Seiho
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