Seiho Shares Bouncy New “I Lost Myself in His Car” Single

Seiho Shares Bouncy New

Osaka-born Seiho has been exploring some very exciting spaces in 2019. Since the release of I Feel Tired Everyday” earlier this year, we’ve seen the net-label-raised musician divulge into some very curious synthesizer-driven sounds that we’re again seeing expanded upon. Premiered via Seiho’s own label The Deep Land of Gray and Red last night, the latest “I Lost Myself in His Car” is a release not to be ignored.

While “I Lost Myself in His Car” might resemble “I Feel Tired Everyday” very little in terms of energy, both present themselves as incredibly Seiho-sounds and something I can’t help but crave more of. The way Seiho manipulates sounds on command as if they have full control really hits home. On the flip side, the track also does very little to resemble Seiho’s side-project Sugar’s Campaign’s latest single “City Pop”, so there’s definitely been a lot of room for trying new sounds for the producer.

Whatever these releases are leading up to, there’s definitely a lot of reason to be excited. Seiho has long been positioned as an innovator in the Japanese electronic music scene — and doubling down on their eccentric lifestyle, they also provide some extremely sound music that doesn’t feel bound to the time of release.

Available now via all major streaming services, Seiho is certainly positioning themselves for something interesting in the latter half of 2019. What that is we’re uncertain of, but I’ll definitely be paying close attention to see just what transpires. Those interested in checking out further information, be sure to check out Seiho’s official website.

The Deep Land of Gray and Red
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