Electronic Musicians Seiho & Akio Open Oden Store in Shibuya

Osaka-raised electronic musician Seiho has, for the longest time, been at the forefront of my attention in the Japanese music scene. Best known for their synthesizer-infused sounds and surreal imagery, Seiho today took to social media to share their latest venture with the world; their very own six-seat Oden store in Shibuya, Tokyo, alongside fellow Sugar’s Campaign member Akio.


Operating under the name Sono to Uri (lit. That’s Right), the cozy six-seat Oden shop aims to operate between the hours of 18:00 until 22:00, with reservations being an absolute must. If the store is anywhere near as eccentric as Seiho, it’s easy enough to say that you’re in for something special if you manage to get a seat. The traditional Japanese winter dish seems like the perfect opportunity for adding a modern flavoring, and there’s most definitely nobody better to pull it off than both Seiho and Akio.

Additionally, there was a soft-opening that took place earlier this week that invited friends of the duo to come try out the food available at the store, giving us the perfect opportunity to take a sneak peak. With little surprise, the initial reviews were all overwhelmingly positive. It’ll be interesting to see if the store can become a mainstay of the Shibuya area, that’s for sure.


If you’re hoping to check out the location, you’ll need to make a reservation as previously mentioned. Those hoping to do this will need to have the LINE application installed on their smartphones and simply follow this link, and hope that however many of the six available seats are free. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as further information is shared on the store.

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