Seiko Announces New Line of Pokémon Themed Watches

Seiko x Pokémon Special Watch Collection

Seiko has announced a new line of Pokémon-themed watches called the Seiko x Pokémon Special Collection!

Seiko is no stranger to collaborations. Each year, they do several with various IPs that push the designs of their watches in different directions. The announcement they made today is no different, as Seiko will be collaborating with Pokémon, another IP who is also no stranger to collaborations.

Seiko x Pokémon Special Watch Collection

The Seiko x Pokémon Special Collection includes four different designs, each focusing on a different Pokémon. Of course, you have one of two Pikachu designs, one of which features a Pikachu yellow face with the type ‘Pokémon – Super Effective On Water-Type!!’, playing homage to the fact that electric-type Pokémon are strong against Water-type. The second Pikachu design is more low key; it features a dark green face with Pikachu running across the bottom. What makes this design even better is the fact that the second hand of the watch is designed after Pikachu’s iconic tail.

Next up is a design based on Eevee. It is a much lighter tone in terms of color and features Eevee front and center on the bottom of the watch face, with a Pokéball as the 12 o’clock marking.

Last but not least is the Mewtwo design. The watch takes a much darker tone with a purple watch face and Mewtwostriking his iconic pose.

Each of the Seiko x Pokémon Special Collection watches also has an embossed band with each of the Pokémon’s footprint near the bottom of the timepiece. Mewtwo’s band replaces the footprint for the word Pokémon.

Pokemon Seiko Case

The Seiko x Pokémon Special Collection watches are quite limited. Both Pikachu versions are being capped at 1,200 pieces, with the Eevee and Mewtwo versions being capped at 1,000 pieces. The watches come with their own special Pokéball-themed case and a matching cleaning cloth. Mewtwo’s even comes in the obligatory Master Ball case.

Each of the watches will cost ¥30,800. As with all international purchases, there is no guarantee that Seiko will ship these internationally, so you might want to hit up your favorite proxy or reach out to that trusted friend in Japan.

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