Make Room on Your Summer Jams Playlist, Because Seira Kariya Is Back With “Cover Girl”

The pace of music (well, life) in 2019 makes even a month-long silence from an artist feel like an eternity. If you aren’t in the spotlight, you might as well be out in the Arctic Circle. This pace of pop music hits a J-pop artist like Seira Kariya pretty unfairly. The singer/songwriter has been around for a bit now, having collaborated with tofubeats back in 2013. She released three EPs over the course of 24 months, from 2015 to 2016, but then went quiet for the next few years. Which really isn’t that long, but felt like an eternity. Though, to be fair, the actual landscape of Japanese music changed a lot in that short amount of time.

Kariya is back, however, with a new single that falls right in her wheelhouse. “Cover Girl” offers up some hoppy electro-pop perfect for the warmer months ahead. Watch the stop-motion clip below.

Intentionally or not, Kariya has a knack for putting out songs right at the start of summer that deserves a home on your seasonal playlist. In 2015 it was the skippy “Nobi Nobi No Style,” while 12 months later she upped the good vibes with “Colorful World.” “Cover Girl” keeps the tradition alive, while also offering fans of Japanese electro-pop a nice hit of synth-assisted bounce. Part of the charm lies in how this strain of pop music isn’t quite as prevalent in Japan as it once was, with even a pioneering outfit like Perfume going in different ways now. “Cover Girl” offers up all the tech-heavy standards that defined this — Technicolor synth melodies matched by splashes of funk guitar and machine beats, some very light vocal filtering, and a big gooey hook at the center.

Seira Kariya’s latest song comes from a forthcoming EP of the same name, out on June 12.

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