Shadowverse Digital Card Game to Collaborate with One Punch Man, Princess Connect

Shadowverse Digital Card Game to Collaborate with One Punch Man, Princess Connect

Shadowverse, for those who are unaware, is a digital card game available on mobile devices and PC and developed and published by Cygames. While in terms of gameplay it could be compared to other similar titles such as Hearthstone, the game has a dedicated audience due to its anime-styled art and the strategy and knowledge required to improve and become better at the game. Since its launch in 2016 the game has regularly been supported with quarterly sets of new cards and an eSports scene, with Cygames throwing their support behind the community and allowing the game to flourish, such as with tie in events like the newly announced events for One Punch Man and Princess Connect.

Ever since the game has launched there have also been a variety of tie ins with popular IPs in order to further engagement with the game. In fact, the game has just recently kicked off a Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel event to tie in to the release of the movie in Japan which introduces special challenges with rewards for completion alongside the addition of purchasable cards based on characters from the movie. These cards that are available as rewards for various challenges, including Berserker and Saber, have been confirmed to also have exclusive artwork.

Although details for how such an event would be conducted haven’t been confirmed, it would be reasonable to assume that these newest collaborative tie ins would work in a similar way to this ongoing Fate/Stay night event. The official Facebook page for the Shadowverse game has announced that there are to be events based on the One Punch Man and Princess Connect series coming to the game in 2019. Popular characters from each of these series will be featured within Shadowverse as leaders, cards, emblems, flairs and more. The hope for such an event would be that it could encourage fans of these anime to try out Shadowverse for themselves.

While the dates and details for this event are currently unannounced, the game is downloadable for free on mobile devices and PC now. You can find out more at the game’s official website.

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