Looking Back on the First Monthly ‘Shake the Block’ Event

Tokyo is a city that is constantly trying to reinvent itself; through the constant construction of new highrises, all the way to the limited-time pop-up stores and events that litter the streets. There’s a handful of these changes that bide well with the general public, but a majority tends to fall over before it can truly realize its full potential. With the way things operate however, it can be something as simple as the pairing of eclectic club-focused sounds with a delictious milkshake and hamburger set that truly wins people over. It took a while for this combination to be cracked, but it’s thanks to “Shake the Block” that this pairing could truly be recognized.

Both within and outside the constraints of work, I’m always attending various events around the Tokyo-area. It’s through this constant slew of events that I’ve been able to experience a wide variety of different approaches to what makes a party truly great. Ultimately, it turns out all you need is milkshakes on tap and a solid lineup of incredible DJ’s, and you’re pretty much set for the night. Without beating around the bush too much, what I’m referencing is the recent “Shake the Block” event that was thrown in collaboration between both block.fm and Shake Shack Japan to create a new monthly community-driven event that pretty much offers exactly what I’ve just detailed, shakes and music.

It’s difficult to measure a new monthly event’s success by its first show, but if a completely packed Shake Shack is anything to go by, I would dare suggest it went well. Calling on the talents of DJ’s Taku Takahashi, MARZY, Jayda B. and Keisuke Matsuoka, we witnessed what could possibly be the birth of a new community before our eyes, though we’ll of course have to see how these next few months continue. It wasn’t really like a club event, but at the same time it wasn’t quite like a casual dining experience — it really contained a unique vibe of its own.

Where the event will go from here on out remains to be seen, but I know I hold a lot of excitement for the potential it holds. What was a legitimately enjoyable night could easily become a simple monthly routine, and I wouldn’t have a problem with it at all. If the event can continue to evolve and present new experiences, I see it being a long-running Tokyo mainstay that people from all over will bea ble to enjoy. If you’re interested in checking “Shake the Block” out, it takes place on the first Saturday of every month, and is located at the Shake Shack Meiji Jingu Gaien store. What’s your thoughts, milkshakes and electronic music sound like your kind of night?

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