Keep the Party Alive with Shakes and Fries: Shake the Block

Since the dawn of time, there has perhaps been no pairing greater than that of electronic music and milkshakes. Couple in some fries and a delicious burger, and you’re pretty much ready to go to EDC — that is how it works, right? Anyway, if you’re a fan of good food, good vibes and incredible music, there might just be a new event in Tokyo that’s perfect for you. Shake the Block, the new monthly collaborative event by block.fm and Shake Shack, is a gorgeous hybrid between electronic music and milkshakes that we really didn’t know we needed in our lives.

Taking place in the gorgeous Meiji Jingu Park area, at Shake Shack’s Gaien Ginkgo location, guests are invited on a flavorsome experience filled with food, friends and music. Taking over the event will be DJ’s Taku Takahashi (m-flo, block.fm), MARZY, Jayda B., and Keisuke Matsuoka. Taking place on August 5, the event offers ping pong and games to accompany the music and limited-edition shakes. Sweet. Operating from 17:00 until 22:00, we’re excited to see what the event has to offer in the ever-expanding Tokyo soundscape. 

If you’re interested in making your way over to the event, you can find further information on the official Facebook group, here. If you want a solid taste of the Tokyo music scene, paired closely with the delicious taste of New York, then Shake the Shack is absolutely an event not to be missed.

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