Studio TRIGGER’s Animated Opening For ‘Shantae 5’ is Now Streaming

Studio TRIGGER Animated Opening For Shantae 5 Streaming

It was only just a few days ago when word came out that the newest Shantae game would have an opening animated by one of our favorite animation houses, Studio TRIGGER. A number of very cool production sketches were shared with the announcement but I figured we’d have to wait until the game was actually close to its release before the opening would be shared. At the time of writing, there’s still no formal release date for the 5th game in the series. Fortunately, though, we all woke up to a nice surprise as developers WayForward and Studio TRIGGER have seen fit to share the video.

Shantae 5’s opening animation is pure, classic TRIGGER. If you put a Japanese school uniform on Shantae, this video would look straight out of Kill La Kill. You don’t have to be familiar with the video game itself to enjoy this piece. It’s vibrant, flashy, and even has a delightfully cheesy little theme song to boot. If you’ve never seen a Studio TRIGGER property, they have a very clear house style. Sometimes they make works like Kiznaiver that differ from their usual animation character but whichever team at TRIGGER that animated the Shantae opening definitely taps into the same power that has set the studio apart.

At OTAQUEST, we’re all for East and West collaborations because they often result in cool and unique finished products. WayFoward, who develops the Shantae series is based in California and despite their Japanese influences in their games, they’re a Western developer. Just the idea of them having teamed up with TRIGGER is exciting and all the more so seeing how cool this opening animation turned out. I regularly end articles with the sentiment, but I hope we see more collaborations like this in the future.

Shantae 5 will be available on all major systems in the not so distant future.

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