‘Shantae 5’ Taps Studio TRIGGER for Opening Movie

'Shantae 5' Taps Studio TRIGGER for Opening Movie

Developers WayForward and their indie darling Metroidvania series Shantae have certainly come a long way since their time in the wilderness. For the latest game in the series, Shantae 5, the developers are teaming up with the legendary Studio TRIGGER to craft the opening movie for the upcoming title.

The Shantae series began all the way back in 2002 on the Game Boy Color, originally being distributed by Capcom, before taking an eight-year hiatus until its glorious return in the 2010 DSiWare title, Shantae: Risky’s Revenge.

Since then, the series has become a firm favorite for any fan of the Metroidvania genre. Developers WayForward even managed to raise over $750,000 via Kickstarter for the fourth entry in the series, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, which released back in 2016.

Excitement for Shantae 5, which was announced earlier this year for a late 2019 release, was already high before this announcement, but a collaboration with Studio TRIGGER certainly brings it to another level.

The studio have, of course, just come off of the critically acclaimed theatrical film Promare, which premiered last month.

But TRIGGER had already cemented themselves as a fan favorite in the anime community with their debut TV anime Kill la Kill back in 2014 – which was, coincidentally, the same year that the 3DS title Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse released.

Beyond mere coincidence, however, we’ve got some solid proof that Studio TRIGGER’s work on the opening movie for Shantae 5 is going to be great. WayForward shared via Facebook some of the production artwork from the studio, featuring protagonist Shantae and her rival, Risky Boots.

'Shantae 5' Taps Studio TRIGGER for Opening Movie

'Shantae 5' Taps Studio TRIGGER for Opening MovieSeeing these characters, who have come so far over the years from relative obscurity to critical acclaim, rendered in the iconic art style of the legendary Studio TRIGGER really is a sight to behold.

While these images only offer us a glimpse of TRIGGER’s character design work on the Shantae 5 opening movie, given their track record, I have no doubt that these will look stunning when animated.

It’ll really be an amazing experience to see the fruits of both WayForward and TRIGGER’s labor when Shantae 5 launches later this year.

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