SHE IS SUMMER Brings The Cooking And The Tunes On Miracle Food Teaser

SHE IS SUMMER Brings The Cooking And The Tunes On Miracle Food Teaser

There’s something very quaint about the recent work by the up and coming SHE IS SUMMER, the solo pop project by Mico. It seems like with each new release she moves further away from conventional Japanese Pop sounds and into the realm of jangly indie pop, retro vibes, and other alternative production.

The lead track off ‘Miracle Food’, ‘Darling Darling’ even starts touching upon the hallowed city pop territory. To accompany the release of ‘Miracle Food’, her third EP, SHE IS SUMMER shows us how to cook and enjoy a simple healthy meal. Yes, you read that right. You can preview all the tracks off her new EP, now available on all the big digital music services, while watching Mico eat eggs and bacon.

The ‘Miracle Food’ EP brings us six new tracks from SHE IS SUMMER including the aforementioned ‘Darling Darling’. Going everything we’ve heard so far from this release, the new EP sounds like her most unique and ambitious project to date. While she’s already gained a bit of a following and has done tie-in work with Japanese banking service Jibun Ginko, there’s room for someone young like her to go up. Embracing less played out sounds, at least less played out in the world of J-Pop, will help her stand out in a crowd of many equally deserving rising stars.

‘Miracle Food’ will be a great addition to your listening rotation for the late spring and early summer. With slow, twangy guitars on some tracks and upbeat but subtle funk inspiration on others, ‘ Mico is keeping the EP fresh. Previously a part of the electronic pop band fenotas, she’s no stranger to music. She does modeling, voice-acting, and commercial work on the side and has even recently appeared in, and contributed music to, a Uniqlo CM. There’s big things on the horizon this summer for SHE IS SUMMER.

You can listen to ‘Miracle Food’ by SHE IS SUMMER on the big musical streaming services now.

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