SHE IS SUMMER Prep New Album for Winter, Share New Song


SHE IS SUMMER, but release dates don’t wait for anyone. The singer/songwriter project of a woman named Mico, which has captured attention over the last couple of years thanks to funk and disco indebted numbers that riff on the current boom in city pop but offer her own perspective on it all, has a new album titled WAVE MOTION out on Nov. 27. Which, if you haven’t reviewed a calendar recently, is far closer to the winter than the season central to the group’s name. Fun little twist!

All that really means, though, is that listeners will have some sleek funk-pop to get them through the coldest part of the year. WAVE MOTION features 13 songs, including this year’s shimmering “Darling Darling.” It is bound to be one of the highlights of 2019 — just in the knick of time — and a week to go SHE IS SUMMER shared the video for new song “Ureshiku Natchatte.” Watch the clip, which finds Mico dancing around the city and enjoying food, below.

This latest cut from SHE IS SUMMER features writing and arrangement courtesy of Kiyomaru Togo, a bit of a goofball with an ear for great hooks dabbling in the same sonic territory as SHE IS SUMMER. So this pairing makes a lot of sense and results in an uptempo number worthy of the project. While synthesizers have snuck into SHE IS SUMMER’s music before, “Ureshiku” places them front and center, resulting in this number feeling a little more crowded than some of the sleeker material Mico has played within recent times. Yet all those buzzy electronics only make the joyful energy flowing out of this one connect even harder. Again, imagine how great this would sound in the warmer times of the year! Oh well, this will just have to get us all through some lower temperatures.

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