Sheena Ringo Teams Up with BUCK-TICK on Haunting New ‘Kakeochi-sha’

Sheena Ringo teams up with BUCK-TICK on the haunting 'Kakeochi-sha'

Sheena Ringo is one of the most prolific stars to have ever graced the world of Japanese music. While never quite reaching the level of fame of a Hikaru Utada or an Ayumi Hamasaki, she’s enjoyed a very successful career spanning more than 20 years and has dipped her toe in all sorts of sounds, from pop to jazz, to punk and beyond. Her first original album since 2014, “Sandokushi” will be released on May 27. Building up to the album release, Ringo has made the song ‘Kakeochi-Sha’ available for streaming and digital purchase. You’re gonna want to fire up your Spotify / Apple Music and give this one a go.

Tapping vocalist Atsushi Sakurai from the seminal Japanese rock band BUCK-TICK, ‘Kakeochi-Sha’ blends two powerful yet distinct vocal styles for a unique experience. Sheena Ringo has experimented with all kind of sounds and styles over the years and while she’s made weirder songs than this one, it certainly features a number of eccentric qualities making it a memorable one. A booming soundscape assaults the ears before Ringo and Sakurai begin firing off all cylinders, singing in unison the entire run time of the track.

If you’ve yet to go down the Sheena Ringo rabbit hole, why not start with ‘Kakeochi-Sha’? It’s an intimidating discography; 5 solo albums, 3 cover albums, various other singles, and releases. That doesn’t even begin to cover her work with Tokyo Jihen, an avant-garde rock band she formed in the early 2000s when on break from her solo career that released 6 albums before splitting. Her contributions to otaku culture have been very little, having only done music for Miss Hokusai and Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju, but her contributions to Japanese music at large are huge.

‘Kakeochi-Sha’ by Sheena Ringo is available on various digital music platforms for streaming and purchase now.

Sheena Ringo
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