Latest ‘Shenmue III’ Trailer Showcases New Gameplay Elements

Latest Shenmue III Trailer Shows New Gameplay Elements

We’re now less than three months away from one of the most highly anticipated crowdfunded games ever. Fans have been waiting for a new Shenmue since 2001 and after the game’s initial Kickstarter back in 2015 getting delayed two years after it’s initial projected 2017 release date, fans have been anxious. However, forbidding any last-minute delay, the game’s set to come out for modern platforms November 19. A fair bit of new information about Shenmue III has been unveiled these last few months, and this latest trailer has us feeling like the game is really for real coming out. Check out this new preview that highlights new gameplay elements below.

Classic Shenmue fans will be happy to see that this new installment features all sorts of arcade and festival games. There’s also an arena which features combat straight out of the classics such as Virtua Fighter or Tekken. While some people have said that these character models look kind of stiff, at the very least all these environments look gorgeous. Largely taking place in China, what we’ve seen so far of Shenmue III looks like it accurately recreates the atmosphere and visual identity of smaller villages found in the country. It makes me very excited to delve in.

One reason we’re excited for Shenmue III here at OTAQUEST is that much of the staff, myself included, are huge Yakuza fans. While they’re separate franchises spear-headed by different people and teams, Yakuza owes a lot of its origin and style to Shenmue. When Yakuza first came out on PlayStation 2, being another SEGA property it was viewed by many as a spiritual successor to Shenmue. It’s since become its own franchise with its own spin-offs and legacy but we’re always happy to have more coming out in either vein. Whether it’s in Kamurocho or Guilin, beating up people and playing arcade mini-games is always an appealing formula to us.

Shenmue III comes out on Windows and PlayStation 4 on November 19, 2019.

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