Shibuya Parco Museum To Hold Exhibit Celebrating Kosuke Kawamura’s Akira Wall Project

Shibuya Parco Museum To Hold Exhibit For Akira Wall

Sometime around the beginning of September, I was walking around Shibuya and noticed that the Akira art-covered wall had disappeared without a trace. It had been there since May 2017 when construction workers put up a giant barrier around their work site while they were remodeling the Shibuya Parco building. But not to fear, because from November 22 to December 16, we’ll be able to see the art from the wall again in the upcoming AKIRA ART OF WALL Katsuhiro Otomo × Kosuke Kawamura AKIRA ART EXHIBITION.

The exhibition will take place in PARCO MUSEUM TOKYO and in their newly relocated GALLERY X on the basement floor. PARCO MUSEUM will feature a giant collage of art taken from the wall, and GALLERY X will be displaying huge 3D objects as well as selling merchandise. The event comes as an opening exhibition to celebrate the completion of the renovated Shibuya Parco shopping mall. The Akira art remained on that wall for about two years, through rain and sun, and will be displayed in its untouched form with all of the wear and tear. The wall art was created and displayed as a collaborative work between the Akira manga’s original author Katsuhiro Otomo and collage artist Kosuke Kawamura. The gigantic Akira posters went up on a white, 63 meter-long construction barrier from May 2017 until August this year.

At the AKIRA ART OF WALL Katsuhiro Otomo × Kosuke Kawamura AKIRA ART EXHIBITION, you can expect to see Otomo’s original drawings from Akira, promotional posters, and realistic replicas of objects from the movie. In addition, you’ll be able to get your hands on exclusive merchandise that features photographs of the wall from the days when it was still a construction barrier. The t-shirts are a collaboration with the graphic artist YAR from YOSHIROTTEN.


Akira’s story is set in the year 2020 Neo-Tokyo. The art wall became a hot topic due to the fact that the story takes place in the year 2020 Neo Tokyo, where the Olympics are set to be held, which give the story a true-to-life quality. Dramatic circumstances bring about an epic battle with a psychic psychopath in Neo-Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium.

You can see more details about the exhibit on the official event page here (Japanese only).

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