SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE FIGURE Announces Stunning Emilia Figure

Emilia Figure

Each day it really feels like more super high-quality figures get announced. Just look at this absolutely stunning figure of Emilia from Re:Zero that SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE FIGURE revealed today.

Emilia from Re:Zero

The figure is officially called ‘Freezing Emilia – Crystal Dress Ver.’ which sees Emilia in a semi-translucent dress. The figure is based on the OVA Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Zenjitsu-tan, included with the first Blu-ray release of the TV anime which focused on the meeting of Emilia and Puck.

To call the figure stunning is honestly an understatement, as the level of craftsmanship is simply mind-blowing. It’s really figures like this that make me want to get into collecting them.

Emilia from Re:Zero

The Freezing Emilia – Crystal Dress Ver. figure is available to purchase through the SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE FIGURE website directly, or you can even purchase it through Amazon Japan for ¥36,300 (Approx $350 USD). Pre-orders for the figure are running from 26 April 2021 until 10 July 2021.

SHIBUYA SCRAMBLE FIGURE is expected to start shipping the figure to customers starting in April 2022, so you have a little bit of time to wait until this masterpiece graces your collection.

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