The New Evangelion Film is Being Further Teased

currently in production.” There is no mention of the previously held name of the movie, which was for a time Evangelion: 3.0+1.0, though that doesn’t necessarily mean that the moniker is gone for good, as these films have been known to go by multiple names. As for what the text on the poster means, I’ve been seeing a lot of wild bits of specualtion. As for the film being both the “continuation and the end,” it could mean that it is indeed the final chapter in the Evangelion saga. Though, what if the end part actually refers to 1997’s The End of Evangelion film that Anno orignally intended to be the conclusion of the series while back at Gainax. I’ve had quite a few debates with Eva-loving friends over the years to the tune of the Rebuild films not actually being an alternate-retelling as is commonly thought, but a whole slew of separate events taking place after the infamous events of End. It’s some truly mysterious stuff, even if I’m way off-base on this. As for the the “error and antithesis” — will a certain tragic hero finally be redeemed? Will this giant robot symphony epic actually have a mirthful conclusion? Only time will tell.

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