Shinsei Kamattechan Reign Triumphant on ‘Delay’

Shinsei Kamattechan Reign Triumphant on 'Delay'

‘Delay’ is classic Shinsei Kamattechan. Long-time fans of one of Japan’s biggest cult acts will be happy to see the infamous group employing their signature sound on this newest single. If the name’s unfamiliar, you might have already heard the band as they did do the haunting ending theme ‘Yuugure no Tori’ for the second season of Attack On Titan. You might’ve also heard their charismatic and beloved vocalist Noko feature on tofubeats’ classic ‘First Album’ with the hard-hitting ‘Oshiete Kensaku’, a truly one of a kind track. If you like those cuts and want to hear more, or are completely unfamiliar to the warm chaos that is Shinsei Kamattechan, check this song out.

Sweltering synth-string arrangements, Noko’s signature vocals that cut through the dense, bordering on abrasive, distorted rock instrumentation, and an energy that makes you feel like you can take on that world; that’s Shinsei Kamattechan in a nutshell. ‘Delay’ may not be anything all that new for long-time fans of the band, but it does the band’s sound with elegance and confidence. The single art is simply the word delay written in katakana over a vast, blue sky. It’s a good approximation of what this song sounds like, just looking towards the sky not letting the grit of the earth stop you.

Shinsei Kamattechan’s actually signed to unBORDE, the same Warner sub-label that handles tofubeats and CAPSULE. They’re not the only rock-oriented act on the label but they’re definitely their biggest black sheep. They also happen to be, in this writer’s humble opinion, the defining Japanese band of the 2010s. As the decade comes to a close in just a few months, with their distorted and actively queer approach to Japanese rock and pop, I can’t think of a group that more embodies the glorious highs and chaotic lows of the last 10 years.

Shinsei Kamattechan’s ‘Delay’ is out now, although there’s no word of whether an album is following soon or not.

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