Shonen Jump Offers Free Hamburger with New Collaboration

While Shueisha’s long-running Weekly Shonen Jump magazine has never been short of outlandish collaborations, their latest might just be the most mouth-watering yet. For customers who purchase this year’s 40th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, you’ll find a special little coupon offering a free McDonald’s hamburger. Additionally, those connected to McDonalds’ in-store wifi will be able to take advantage of a small handful of free Shonen Jump properties via a special web portal, which is available effective immediately.

Advertisements for the collaborations are straight to the point, utilizing iconic manga panels of some of Weekly Shonen Jump’s biggest heroes including Monkey D. Luffy with an all-new “Everyone, go to McDonalds!” catchphrase. The whole premise is crazy, and outside of the totally dystopian aspect I’m generally pretty down for a hamburger included with any of my other purchases. Set to release September 3 across Japan, the 40th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump is being previewed below:

With just a few weeks to go until the whole promotion really kicks off, you can check out Weekly Shonen Jump’s website for further details, here.

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