OTAQUEST Otaku Long Sleeve Shirt

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OTAQUEST Otaku Long Sleeve Shirt
OTAQUEST Otaku Long Sleeve Shirt
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“Otaku Japan” displays on the front breast pocket of shirt. Also, the file images reading “Hyper Otaku Media” line up on the sleeve. OTAQUEST logo shows on the opposite sleeve. Graphics printed on a 100% combed cotton long sleeve shirt.

In 2016, Eddie Lehecka (Attack the Music, bemanistyle.com) booked Taku Takahashi (m-flo, block.fm, and music producer for Panty & Stocking and Space Dandy) for Anime Central. Because of their mutual love of American and Japanese pop-culture, they connected. Takahashi asked Lehecka to accompany him on trips across the US. During these trips, the idea for OTAQUEST was born.

OTAQUEST aims to bring English-speaking audiences the latest Japanese pop and subculture news. With contributors from around the world, regular features include interviews with industry leaders from Japan, editorials, and video content.