We’re Bringing Tokyo Ghoul Director Shuhei Morita to /r/anime

OTAQUEST is proud to announce that, in collaboration with Reddit’s own /r/anime, we’ll be bringing esteemed industry veteran and Tokyo Ghoul director Shuhei Morita onto the platform for an English-language AMA with fans around the world. Set to take place live from Shuhei Morita’s studio on March 31(Time TBA), we’ll be simultaneously live streaming our roundtable discussions with the creator as we answer questions posed to him both vocally and in the thread.


With the massive success of Tokyo Ghoul both in Japan and around the globe, it almost comes as a no-brainer that we’d want to bring Shuhei Morita onboard for our latest AMA session. He’s the award-winning director of the critically acclaimed film Possessions for which he’d later go on to receive the 86th Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. That’s no small deal and is part of an entire legacy that deserves to be celebrated. If you’ve ever had a question you’re budding to ask, now is absolutely the perfect time.

We can’t wait to see all the questions you pose to Shuhei Morita, and we’re looking forward to bringing more creators to the Reddit platform in the near future. It’s also worth checking out our post-ama articles with Tomoki Kyoda and Dai Sato where we highlighted our favorite questions and answers from the thread. We look forward to seeing you on March 31st!

Image: Funimation

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