Six Cities Will Be Getting Zombieland Saga Manholes Installed

Zombie Land Saga Man Holes

I live in a US state that is littered with all sorts of infrastructural problems, namely streets cratered with potholes and bridges that are so beyond repair that state officials have put them on the ‘let’s not fix it all and say we did’ list for ages. There have been some improvements made over the years. However, none of them have been adorned with animated cuteness. This is why I am a teeny bit jealous of what Zombieland Saga is doing to Japanese streets.

The Saga Prefecture will get the proper Zombieland Saga makeover with fourteen different manholes dotting the streets of Saga, Karatsu, Tosu, Imari, Kashima, and Ureshino. These manholes each feature specially designed illustrations of the Franchouchou idol group, meaning that each girl will get two different manholes. And since all fourteen manholes will have the Franchouchou members in all of their wholesome chibified grandeur, it almost feels like a crime to run over their cute faces with your car. But then again, considering the events of the very first episode, this seems a bit too fitting.

This creative take on city infrastructure will coincide with the release of Zombieland Saga’s second season, titled Zombieland Saga Revenge. News of Revenge was announced back in July 2019, and last December saw the undead idol show get its proper PV. More information regarding the manholes will be unveiled on the show’s official Twitter in the days leading up to the events.

The manholes will make their way through Saga prefecture on 22 April. You can also expect Zombieland Saga Revenge to air that same month. In the meantime, I am going to call my governor to see if we can finally harness the power of Cardcaptor Sakura to fix the potholes littered throughout my home state.

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