Sketchers X One Piece Collab Again With Marineford Line

A year after their first collaboration, the most surprising combination in anime fashion returns for a second drop! That’s right, we’re talking about One Piece X Sketchers! This time, they’re back with a line called ‘One Piece X Sketchers D’Lites Collection Featuring The Battle of Marineford’. The line’s based around a plethora of very powerful pirates who featured in the iconic Battle Of Marineford arc which culminated in the first big deaths of the series and a time skip. Smart for sketchers to base a line around such an important arc.

Some of Marineford Line

If you’ve ever visited Japan, even for a day, you know that One Piece dominates the country. It’s everywhere. Toys in every story. Books on every shelf. Multitudes of crossover advertisements. One Piece is no stranger to clothing collaborations either, with several Uniqlo tie-ins over the years. It’s only recently that One Piece has begun to really catch on in America. It’s still not the Dragonball successor it is in Japan, but it’s found a dedicated fan-base all over the world.

I definitely had friends in Japan and America freaking out about the first sketchers collaboration. Part of what was shocking about the first drop was the brand; people don’t normally associate Sketchers with the cutting edge of fashion or as a company known for anime tie-in merch. There was a wow factor that successfully got people interested in the product. Apparently, the shoes sold successfully enough for them to do a round two.

More of Marineford Line

They look great too! Based on fan favorites like Boa Hancock, Trafalgar Law, and my personal number one, the notorious Blackbeard; the sneakers feature bright, varied colors and they’re all pretty different in design. Whether you’re interested in the shoes based off your favorite pirate or just the ones you think look the best, they’ll work for a variety of the looks. Priced at $90.00, they’re not cheap cheap but not the most expensive either.

Check out the full line here!

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