Skullworks & Co. announce Sonic The Hedgehog Sukajan Jacket

Gaming clothing is becoming more and more apparent in Japan and one of the companies which were at the forefront of this trend was Skullworks & Co. They have done video game collaborations in the past with their “sukajan” jackets and now, they’re going to be doing another sukajan one of everyone’s favorite hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Skullworks & Co. announced yesterday that they have started preorders on a Sonic The Hedgehog sukajan jacket. The jacket is being released in 2 colorways. One colorway is black on white, and the second being blue on white. Naturally, if you’re a true Sonic fan, you’d have to go with blue, but who’s to judge? Skullworks & Co. will be offering the jacket in 4 sizes ranging from medium to double XL. Keep in mind that the sizing is Japanese sizes, so if you intend on ordering one of these, make sure you pay kind attention to the sizing chart.

What’s awesome about this, is that for preorders, you get a discount! The standard pricing for the sukajan is ¥29,480 but for those customers who preorder the jacket, you get it for ¥26,999. Unfortunately, the release of the jacket isn’t until April of 2020, so you can’t rock it while you go watch the Sonic the Hedgehog movie on the 14th of February.

As far as the design of the jacket goes, it’s pretty simple. The right breast has the Sonic the Hedgehog logo, while the left breast has the ever so iconic Sonic. On the back, you get the text “Speedstar – The Fastest Thing Alive – Sonic the Hedgehog” with an image of sonic getting a ring. Pretty damn cool if you ask me. I’m not the biggest fashionista in the world, but I think this is a pretty neat jacket.

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As we mentioned, preorders have started, and you can order here. Delivery doesn’t happen until April, so you have a bit of time to wait, but that’s never stopped anyone from anything.

SEGA, Skullworks & Co.
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