SKY-HI Teams up With starRo for “Role Playing Soldier,” Which Has a New Pixelated Video

SKY-HI Teams up With starRo for

Rapper and AAA member SKY-HI has a fondness for trying out a bunch of sounds. This is evident all over his latest full-length release JAPRISON”. Released at the very end of last year, that collection finds SKY-HI zipping from horn-accented numbers moving at a quick pace to more intimidating cuts using the electric guitar as a foundation.

One of the highlights from JAPRISON” was a number called “Role Playing Soldier.” That one found SKY-HI hooking up with Los Angeles-based producer starRo for a jittery electro-tinged number jumping between hip-hop and more straightforward singing. Now it gets an eye-catching clip riffing on the video game theme running throughout the song. Watch that below.

The video dives into an RPG-style game world and follows the arcs of two characters as they go through life in the title. They start from relatively weak positions — lots of mileage out of “Game Over” screens here — before eventually crossing paths and breaking the game. It’s a pretty little bit of pixelated art, directed by Sou Ootsuki and assisted by Ultimate Pixel Crew while being animated by Yosuke Tani. And as gorgeous as it looks, they also make sure the visuals match up with the song’s actual breaks and drops.

SKY-HI hasn’t slowed down, though. Despite still dropping videos supporting JAPRISON”, he’s also put out a new single called “Chit-Chit-Chat,” complete with a clip of SKY-HI himself playing the role of a taxi driver navigating around a late-night Tokyo. And looping back to that whole stylistic variety point, “Chit-Chit-Chat” pivots to funk (dare we say…city pop? Or are we just letting that night view of the capital cloud our judgment?), finding SKY-HI rapping over a strut-ready beat dappled by synthesizer lines. It all leads to a dazzling hook that would make Bruno Mars give a respectful nod. Watch that one below.

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