Skymark Air Announces The Flying Pikachu Project

Pikachu Illustration

Airplanes that are wrapped with custom art are nothing new; it’s been happening for years. But today Skymark Air in Japan announced they will be wrapping their planes with Pikachu for the Flying Pikachu Project.

Pikachu Plane

What makes this project different is that it’s not just planes that are participating. The entire project is centered around Pikachu and will feature apparel, wrapped airplanes, and even items to obtain in Pokémon GO.

Flights for the project will be flying to Okinawa, the Hawaii of Japan. Customers will get to fly on the special Pikachu plane, get a bunch of Pikachu goods, and ride a Pikachu themed bus upon arrival.

Pikachu Goods

In terms of apparel, there are slippers, hairbands, shirts, neck pillows, and pretty much everything that you could think of. It really is a huge lineup of goods.

Pokémon GO will have a special Pikachu wearing a traditional Okinawan Kariyushi, and a special-color Corsola that can be caught starting on 22 July 2021.

Pokemon Go

Pricing for the packages is not listed on the website, and they need to be purchased through HIS Travel in Japan. I think this is going to be quite a pricey endeavor.

The Pokémon Company, Skymark Air
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