SKYTOPIA Impresses With Latest ‘ie ep’ EP Released Today

SKYTOPIA Impresses With Latest 'ie ep' EP Released Today

One of my favorite things about being as close to Tokyo’s music scene as I currently am is seeing the evolution of sounds, artists, and releases right before my eyes. One such evolution has been showcased through the latest work from SKYTOPIA, a relatively new name on the scene with their fair share of pulling power. Dropped earlier today, SKYTOPIA’s latest EP features a number of hard-hitting collaborations, as well as a pair of genuinely playful remixes that position all those involved right on our radar. If you’re not already familiar with SKYTOPIA’s works, I’ll get into that a little down below, but first give his latest ‘ie ep’ EP a listen down below:

Originally releasing under his real name, Ken Kobayashi transformed his image earlier this year when he took on the SKYTOPIA moniker. Since then, we’ve seen a whirlwind of synth-embedded pop sounds that give off a similar vibe to adjacent acts such as Kero Kero Bonito prior to their shift. His sounds have already been made apparent in the scene prior to this new look, however, joining rapidly-rising talent such as Haretokidoki on their infectious single “Tell Me”. 

Featured on the EP is an excellent roster of artists, including Kanade, ada, and Yasunoji contributing, while artists Frasco and marmelo share their takes on “Drawing of a Penguin” and “House Party” respectively. With that being said, both those remixes are exclusive to the physical release of the EP, which is available at stores such as Tower Records in Japan.

Available now via all major streaming services and physically at retailers across Japan, those interested in checking out more on SKYTOPIA should head over to the artist’s official website. We’ll be sure to keep you tuned in as he continues to expand on his sound throughout the upcoming year.

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