Smell Like the Cast of Promare With Fragrances Based on Trigger Film

Promare Fragrances

Have you washed your hair into a silky sheen with Galo Thymos shampoo and now want to smell like him too? Promare fragrances will help you achieve just that.

You’ve been doing well fighting for the rights of Burnish as part of Mad Burnish or fighting fires with Burning Rescue, and you’ve looked after that silky smooth scalp with some Promare-themed shampoo. Issue is, all that fire can feel a bit overpowering when talking to others, and you no longer smell as smooth and refined as you do on your days off! What are you gonna do about that? Well, Primaniacs have a solution, with a range of Promare fragrances.

First made available last year, we have a Galo Thymos fragrance, a scent topped with lime and clove with a strong herby smell enveloping with hints of lavender and rosemary, before a strong musk lingers over the body. This scent captures a burning passion that could see you jump into fire without hesitation. We also have the scent of Lio Fotia. With a straightforward top note of bergamot and lemon before a clear middle scent of rose and jasmine takes over, the fragrance leaves a lingering smell of amber and cedarwood that matches the uncontrolled burning that resides inside Lio.

However, now four more fragrances will join the Promare lineup. Maybe you’re after the scent of Aina Ardebit, with a sweet-and-sour top note mixing lemon and green note with raspberry and blueberry that transforms into a clear cardamom and clary sage smell before leaving a cypress and amber smell that matches her bouncy energy and smile with the strength that would be needed to selflessly work as part of Burning Rescue. Alternatively, you may be after the scent of her teammate Remi Puguna, which has a youthful lemongrass top note mixed with a cool, calming melon and hyacinth middle with a patchouli and amber lasting aroma.

In total, seven Promare fragrances are available as part of this collection, with scents for Kray Foresight first made available last year being sold alongside new scents for Gueira and Meis. Each comes in 30 ml bottles in special packaging for 5417 yen, and will be sold on their official website from 19 March.

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